Fiona Richards of Cartolina

Fiona Richards, CartolinaI admire Fiona Richard's aesthetic and business sense and so I am happy to feature her in Erin Loechner's Beginnings column in the current issue #12. Perhaps a Cartolina card or sweet message via her iPhone app will do just the trick for Valentine's.

I would also like to thank Erin for her excellent columns in UPPERCASE. She has a new addition on the way and has wisely decided to cut back on her workload, so she'll be on hiatus from contributing to UPPERCASE for a little while. (I regret not taking real time off from work when I had my baby. Instead I worked harder than ever. So I commend Erin for her decision.) Erin recommended the excellent Adrienne Breaux to continue the "Beginnings" column and I'm looking forward to Adrienne's contribution to issue #13.