Little ol' me

Back in December, I was asked by Avenue, a local lifestyle magazine, to create a self portrait for a series that runs on the last page of each issue. People don't often realize that UPPERCASE was a one-woman operation for quite a long time and are surprised when they find out. "How do you manage to get it all done?" is a common question. Struggling to do all of the magazine workload on my own and was getting pretty tired out. So I decided to clone myself: 

Glen took my picture against a white wall (Finley wanted to be part of the fun) and then I printed and cut myself out and went to work:

The image and brief article appears in this month's Avenue. And as regular blog readers will know, I now have three talented people working for UPPERCASE: Glen is a regular contributor, Eleanor manages the online shop and subscription queries and Erin is our new online editor. (So much better than clones!)