Dispatch from London: Paperchase

The Paperchase flagship store on Tottenham Court.

Here I am holding one of a few issues left in stock—I actually had to use some of my samples for the photo. Thanks, London, for gobbling up each issue—I will endeavour to get more available.Issue #9 is still one of my favourites... and issue #10... and issue #....This multi-level store has everything from art supplies, cards, stationery to books and mags, furniture, haberdashery. I was there for an hour and a half browsing. A nice display area for the books. Hopefully someday soon you will be able to find UPPERCASE titles here as well.

A nice chair that I took a photo of and then forgot to go sit and relax on it. Typical.Gorgeous papers for crafting, bookbinding and wrapping.One of three typewriters I spotted on display.

Look! Actual Letraset available to purchase, brand new. We don't have this in any Calgary stores as far as I know. Wouldn't a sheet of Letraset be an amazing insert inside the magazine? hmmm... I'm going to investigate that!A nice cafe to refresh after some heavy-duty Paperchase shopping.