Guest Post: A birth announcement

Skye created backdrops with patterning and layering different papers and illustrations.

Skye shares her excitement:

"The best feeling in the world was receiving that first copy in my hands. When they handed it over to me it was like holding a new-born child! It was both familiar and strange all at once. There it was, all tidied up and printed on gorgeous quality, matte paper. The cover was spot-varnished and the inside casing hot pink and de-bossed, just as I imagined it. There were secret fold-out pages for people to use, and templates secreted on the inside of the cover. The whole effect was very rich and dense. It was really quite substantial.

But most of all, I was pleased to feel that it was a ‘giving back’ book: so much of what I loved and have learned falls within its pages, that the book ultimately feels like a gift to other creative people. I knew at once that my vision for Paper Bliss had certainly been realised, but now it was it’s own little thing, set out to embark on it’s adventurous journey into the big, wide world. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to create it with such a great team of folks! Welcome to the world, Paper Bliss!"



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