A divine place to live and work

Ayumi Horie's home and studio are located in a small church in Cottekill, New York. Since our article was written, Ayumi has decided to sell the property so that she can move closer to family.

"I’ve had the church for ten years and have loved every minute of it, from the beginning renovations when I would find caches of walnuts in the walls and bats in the belfry to the spiffed up sanctuary it is now. I can’t say enough great things about the New York community either with so many forward-thinking creative people in the area. Ideally, someone community-minded will carry on the church’s art tradition (the owner before me as an artist as well), so I’m putting it out there in hopes that by making a website devoted to the church, the perfect steward to the church will find it and fall in love."

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Some of the images of the church that Ayumi shared with us for the article:

Thank you, Ayumi, for sharing your work and home with us. We hope that you find a buyer as sympathetic to this special place as you have been.