Guest Post: Melanie Biehle

Monday, April 23 at 10:00 AM

So, I just finished taking a shower. I usually get a lot of inspiration there, probably because it’s one of the only places I don’t take my iPhone. I’ve come up with new blog column ideas, including my new special series Bloggers On: Motherhood, but today I was mostly thinking about how weird it is that I’m going to have to write about my shower routine on the UPPERCASE blog.

In other news, I checked out my new temporary tattoo and thought how much better the quality is now than the ones I used to get from Cracker Jack boxes. I can’t remember what any Cracker Jack tattoos looked like, but I promised myself I’d Google it later.

I focus on my “Amazing Things Will Happen” print by Mary Kate McDevitt while I brush my teeth. I thought that hanging it beside the bathroom mirror would be good for a dose of daily inspiration...on the days that I don’t have my iPhone attached to my non-toothbrushing hand, anyway.

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