What I'm working on this week...

Here are some shots of my inspiration whiteboard. I admit that it is completely styled for this photo and for the Evernote people who came by the office last week to make a video. The fact that people were coming all the way from California to film my studio was a big push to do some major spring-cleaning! On the board are some of my favourite notes and messages from readers and contributors; inspiring papers, fabrics and buttons; souvenirs from The Creative Connection, Alt Summit and Renegade Craft Fairs; a ribbon from one of the first gallery shows I put on back in 2005... Lots of good stuff that the packrat in me could never throw away.

So what am I working on this week? My to-do list is quite long with lots of small tasks between the big ones—I have a lot to organize, prepare and plan for my upcoming trip to the London Book Fair. I'm designing and writing a book and magazine catalog, highlighting my publishing efforts to interested parties attending the Book Fair. For the magazine, most of the content for issue #14 has been assigned, with the exception of few features for which I have to compose some email requests. This week is also First Thursday and we're having an UPPERCASE party! So cupcakes have been ordered, decorations are here, prizes have been procured and need to be assembled. (Yes, prizes!)

More frequent blog posts and original photography are also on my to-do list! Stop by again this afternoon for pictures of my neighbour E.G. Forge's studio.