Work-in-Progress Wednesday

image by Diem Chau

Much like the magazine has organizing sections (Art + Design, Craft, Style, etc), when I'm preparing blog posts it helps for me to have some framework to corral my ideas and all the submissions. Type Tuesday is a feature I've been sticking to on a fairly regularly basis and I find it quite enjoyable to put together (I hope you enjoy perusing those posts, too!) So on Wednesdays, I plan on sharing my own Works-in-Progress or images from around my studio, peeks into other creatives' studios and workspaces, posts of the submissions in the W.I.P.S. flickr pool and other "unfinished business".

As a follow-up to the post about Diem Chau, below, here are some additional images from issue #11:

Diem recently posted on her blog that she wants to move her artwork out of her home (and dining table) into a backyard studio. She plans on documenting the process of building her dream studio on her blog and I look forward to seeing progress reports.