Love & Elephants from London

We noticed an interesting love note left for us on a blog out of London. It's from someone who has never seen, let alone read UPPERCASE. The mysterious figure behind Bakary Cafe had a friend scour Toronto for back issues and received them last week.

Bakary writes, "I got the magazines yesterday. They look as perfect and scintillating as I had hoped they would be. I'm an inquisitive being. Everything is an adventure. Colours, art, food, patterns, architecture, people."

After reading the blog, I noticed that Bakary has an elephant affinity.

"As for elephants...well...they're fascinating animals. They look so bulky yet they're so gracious. I don't quite know how it started. I've always liked them. Then one day I noticed that they were popping up in my life in unexpected places. Then I noticed them in more and more places. That's when I realized they are everywhere!"

So, to send some internet love back across the ocean, here's a picture for you Bakary.

Here's my photo of Spike, the Calgary Zoo's bull elephant.