Dollhouse revisited

Heather Benning: The Dollhouse: Dusk #3, (2007) printed 2011, Kodak Endura Digital C-print, 20 x 30" ed. 10My husband's grandmother lives in a small town in Saskatchewan. So small, in fact, that she doesn't have a street address—sending her a letter requires her name only. On my first visit I was struck by the emptiness of a summer night on the prairies. We watched as storms rolled across the fields and heard the occasional train whistle echo in the distance. Although I knew we were still connected by wires to the outside world the sense of isolation was, for me, overwhelming.

The images of Heather Benning's installation The Dollhouse we featured in issue #8 rouse the same feelings for me.

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Heather's work, Toronto's Telephone Booth Gallery will be hosting an exhibition during the month of May. The show includes never before exhibited images that document the creation of the project.