Guest Post: Appointments with creativity

Sarah writes:

"Now that you have defined some areas of interest, you need to schedule them into your daily calendar. If it helps, get a calendar that speaks to your creativity or mark an existing calendar in a way that it excites you when you look at it. You will be more likely to take the time if you are excited when you see it and it will give you something to look forward to each day.

Specifying the exact time is up to you. I actually started my own creative practice on Wednesdays with a project by Keri Smith called 100 Ideas. I began by picking one idea a day and allowed 10 minutes of time to create. When 10 minutes was up, I would leave it and move on to other activities. I then moved to my camera and began a creative journey that is as much a part of me today as it was when I began 3 years ago.

My own creative journey has now developed into a course called 100 Wednesdays, that I most recently taught to University of Georgia Fashion and Interiors Students as part of a creative course they were taking.

Some additional resources to see other creatives using daily practice in their own journeys are Marisa Anne of Creative Thursday and The Artists Way by Julia Cameron."

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