Guest Post: Colour as inspiration

Paris in Orange, Gallery Collection, Nichole RobertsonSarah explains another way that colour can serve as inspiration.

"There are hundreds of ways to create a journal of your travels. The best way to decide how to capture your journey is to think about what you are seeing while you travel. Do you want to document the architecture, the scenery, the people, the culture, the colours or a combination of all?

One of my favorite photographers is Nichole Robertson of Little Brown Pen. She and her family travel between New Jersey and Paris and have documented their vision of the city of lights through colour in a new book: Paris in Color. This book is a wonderful reference to see how to view somewhere in a new and fresh way. By using color as a focus it allows you see at a different level. What might have just been a tourist shot becomes a truly masterful way of capturing an important memory.

Paris in Yellow, Gallery Collection, Nichole RobertsonYour journal can be divided into colour before you go and then used as a place to capture your journey through writing and photography. As you are moving through your trip, write about the colours you see and date the pages. Also make note of the photos you take so that they are easily added once you return home. This can be done at the end of the day as a recap to the sites and sounds you have experienced."

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Paris in Purple, Gallery Collection, Nichole Robertson