Guest Post: High tech tools

Sarah explains how she uses apps to record her travels.

"As I mentioned earlier, a phone with a camera is an invaluable tool these days, especially if you are traveling a long distance. In addition to the camera on your phone, there are some really fun camera apps that are relatively inexpensive (or free) that can to add drama and flare to your photos. My favorites are instagram and snapseed.

Both of these apps allow you to create different types of filters over your original photo. Instagram helps you create Polaroid-type pictures and has dozen of different filter options. Snapseed also allows filter options and can integrate easily with instagram for even more creative photos. With instagram you can share your photos instantly online and there are now also many ways to print your instagram photos, so they can become a special remembrance of your journey. Use of these phone apps also is a great way to record your journey and incorporate the photos into your journal."

Even the smallest journeys can be captured this way as Janine did using instagram and twitter on her commute this week.

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