10,000 of anything is a lot of something

Earlier this week, our little Twitter feed suddenly lept from 9078 followers to 10,011 (and counting). It seems like just yesterday that I composed my first Tweet, while waiting for the inaugural issue of UPPERCASE to arrive with the delivery truck... Oh Twitter, you grew up so fast. And now, with UPPERCASE at issue 14 (and issue 15 and 16 in the assignment and planning stages), the magazine is firmly in its "teenage" issue numbers. 

The pleasure of being 10,000th goes to Tiger in a Jar. I've followed their videos through Kinfolk and Design Mom, so I am happy to send them a complimentary subscription and pennant. Welcome, Julie and Matt from Tiger in a Jar. (Below is a lovely video they've created, a visit to the shop March in San Francisco.) I've also drawn a winner from all of our followers on Twitter for a free subscription and pennant and will be introducing that winner soon.

And please know that I value each and every one of your tweets and follows—you've helped the magazine grow! Thank you.