girl friday: Miss Millicent Woodward


In the spirit of Olympic competition, this Girl Friday is Miss Millicent Woodward, Champion Speed Typist of Europe. Excelling at speed and accuracy was a desirable trait in a typist and competitions to highlight the best of the best were popular. Typewriter manufacturers used the opportunity to promote their own machines since the winners' talents were enabled by the fine mechanisms of their chosen machines. For the record, from the back of this postcard:


Miss Millicent Woodward's Records

Dictation … 173 words per minute

Copying and carrying on a coversation at the same time … 152 words per minute

Dictation whilst blindfolded … 169 words per minute

Memorised Sentences … 239 words per minute

These are the latest records of Miss Millicent Woodward, and although she secured the Championship of Great Britain by means of her wonderful versatility, she was only able to create what are now recognised as THE RECORDS and become the European Champion by using the ROYAL MASTER MODEL TYPEWRITER.