reader: Lorrie Whittington


Country: England

How are you creative in your daily life? I am a work at home Mum, so art and design is my business. I have a large room in my house set aside as my studio, and in there I do my stuff each day. Whilst my main preoccupation is illustration and painting, web design constitutes the main part of my income.

What are you most curious about? History and science. I LOVE history and have read and still read countless history books. Had I not done Art at University I would probably have studied History and/or Archaeology. I have a fascination with the past, and our connections to it, the older better. When I am working in my studio, I watch (or rather listen to) history documentaries on iPlayer. I have a particular interest in ancient history, though have got a pretty good knowledge of most aspects and periods of English and European history. My father is a history buff and I guess I caught the bug from him.

What is your most prized possession? At the moment my Canon EOS 550D. It’s the most expensive thing I ever bought for myself and I count it as my first ‘proper’ camera. I love it to bits, and even though I have had it for a year now, still handle it reverently.

What is your favourite letter of the alphabet and why? Q. It’s perfectly round, though includes the elegant tail adding querkiness, and can only be used with the letter U, making it unique. Phonetically it is an interesting sounding letter. It’s also the name of one of my favourite characters from Star Trek Next Generation. The character ‘Q’ played wonderfully and extravagantly by by John De Lancie was Captain Picard’s nemesis.

What is your favourite colour? Light Teal or Cyan. A colour I cannot really wear (I am an ‘earth tones’ girl), but I love to incorporate it within my art. It’s has a freshness and vibrancy that appeals to me.

What is your preferred creative tool? Ink pens. Like most illustrative artists, I use a broad range of materials and mediums, but my ink pens (mostly Sakura Micron Pens) go with me everywhere.  I incorporate a lot of line work, stippling and cross hatching in my illustrations.