girl friday: meet Trixie

Nicole Geller Photography

Thank you for all your support of The Typewriter project. I'm working on updating the latest total! In the meantime, I wanted to share this photo that Judy sent my way. Judy writes:


I just contributed to helping your new Typewriter book get published. I have a few vintage typewriters myself. Several typewriter accessories, vintage pencils, school boxes, items that have life and continue to work. When I read about your new book, I had to get this photo taken for you. My dog happens to be a canine model (yes there is such a thing). Meet Trixie, an Italian Greyhound and my Royal typewriter.

As as dog model, designers send her clothes to model. Her big moment was a Halloween contest where she was dressed up like Audrey Hepburn—wig, tiara, pearl necklace and all. She was a hit, made the newspaper and so her career began. She was a finalist in America's Top Dog model contest and appeared in their calendar in 2009. She found her calling, she's a ham in front of the camera. I am convinced watching her work with a photographer that she knows what they are saying and what her to do on set. Agility training with her helped me learn signals and commands they we use on set. Of course a piece of chicken helps too.

She has been everything from Cleopatra, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella to a Toddler and Tiara contestant. This year she will be a Pan Am flight attendant. Imagine trying to explain to a designer I found on Etsy that makes reproductions of the Pan Am uniforms for people... can you make one for my dog? All her contest winnings and earnings are donated to rescue groups. Also the national rescue group for Italian Greyhounds auctions off many of the dresses she models. She also helps by donating to the military service dogs and their handlers overseas. Dogs can teach us so much, sometimes we have to listen to them even though they don't use words.

Trixie is featured in and on the cover of the new 2012 book by Jo Jo Harder, "How to Become a Top Dog Model.

Thanks again for creating such an amazing magazine. I am not a designer, can't draw, sew or such, but inspired by those that can. My background is from an ad agency, account executive, so I learned to inspire and direct talent over the years. That fun bridge between creative and clients, always done with "kit gloves" on.

Your magazine creates an environment for anyone to find their voice. Oh—and I just purchased a pink Royal typewriter! Adding to my collection. Too exciting.

Dream Big Always,


Twitter: @PawsUpTrixie


Did you know that Trixie is also the name of the typewriter font made famous as the X in X-Files television show?