teaching at the makerie


You may recall our inclusion of The Makerie in issue #12's article on creative retreats. Makerie organizer Ali Dejohn has been so enthusiastic about UPPERCASE that she invited me to participate in next year's retreat. I've come up with a very ambitious project and class—we're going to create commemorative books, on site, that very weekend about our experiences at The Makerie! It will be like a journal, yearbook, sketchbook, photo album all rolled into one:


Students will learn the craft of curating and creating content during this collaborative weekend-long bookmaking experience. Through photography and writing, they will document the Makerie and its people and assemble it into a unique handmade limited-edition commemorative book. Each day offers a new group of students instruction time with Janine as well as time "in the field.” Students will also be required to convene on Saturday evening for the physical assembly of the books. Students will learn how to bind books using a hidden stapling technique that is suitable for art journals, photobooks and other projects. Not only will we be making an amazing publication to be enjoyed by all Makerie attendees, the content skills acquired can be used for student's own professional development and applied to enhancing their blogs, portfolios or perhaps even writing that book you've been dreaming about. All students will be considered for future collaboration with UPPERCASE magazine and some content may be published on the UPPERCASE blog or in future issues. (Please note that this is not a design and layout class; the focus is on creating content and telling stories.)

Photography: learn how to tell a story through photography and active observation
Writing: interview skills, practical writing
Making: assembly of unique handmade booklets

I'm very excited to be heading to The Makerie next year. Check out their website to discover the other amazing creative things that you can learn at The Makerie. Registration is now open!