men in quilts

When I'm preparing content for the blog, I sometimes like to pick a topic and just search and browse and brainstorm and see what comes up. For me, it is a really fresh way to find content to post... rather than just visiting my usual roster of popular blogs, I find new sites and usually discover a wormhole of interesting things.

My topic this week started broadly as men in craft, but, inspired by Adrienne Breaux's profile of Luke Haynes in the current issue (that's him in the video above) and yesterday's feature on the quilting fabric designs by Mark Cesarik, I decided to focus on "men in quilts."

I encourage you to pick up issue #16 to discover more about Luke Haynes, an architect-turned-quilter.

Luke is often the subject of his own quilts.

Luke is often the subject of his own quilts.

"My most recent works have been investigating nostalgia and function. I work with quilts because they embody these subconsciously while lending a unique materiality to the process and resultant product. I can work with disparate pieces of fabric and create a cohesive final product that is greater than the sum of its parts."