Dinara Mirtalipova

A beautiful tea towel by Dinara Mirtalipova.

A beautiful tea towel by Dinara Mirtalipova.

I had the best of intentions to photograph all the amazing Christmas mail that I received these past few weeks, but alas—migrating to a new database took over ALL my time. I was even working on it on New Year's Eve. At last, the big mailing list for issue #16 is at the printer and all new systems seem to be working well. Perhaps I will just put all the mail in one terrific pile and post a picture of that!


For now, here is the gorgeous tea towel (available on Etsy) that I received from Dinara Mirtalipova. Dinara has spoiled me over the years, sending me beautiful objects and promo pieces. I love the direction her recent work has taken. Enjoy: