Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey earlier this month. It was important to get your feedback about incorporating ads on the blog.  As you can see from the sidebar, I'm starting to incorporate ads and affiliate ads. It is necessary to help support the content here on the blog and in the print magazine. Our ads are affordable (starting at $25) and all the details are on our Advertise page.

Some of the results of the survey:

88% of responders said that advertising could be in print and online.

"I have no problem with ads in your online presence. I prefer UPPERCASE with ads to no UPPERCASE at all."

82% of the responders were either subscribers or purchase copies of the print magazine in the store.

"I like feeling connected to UPPERCASE in my daily life, just like I have the creative and curious pennant on my wall, the magazines always close to hand, reading the blog and following UPPERCASE on social media is one more way of feeling connected and, in a way, part of the story." 

"Because I love the print publication so much, the online site is like little bites to get me through to the next edition in my mailbox."


 For the kinds of ads you'd prefer to see online: 

41% would like to see ads from creative services, designers and illustrators
39% would like shopping links like Etsy shops, indie artisans and makers
8% wanted brand names and no one really liked "responsive" ads.


"My Dad said way back (he was in advertising when I was a kid) that ads are only ads when they're not of interest to you. Otherwise they're information. I'd prefer not to see brand names (generic Target/blockbuster movies/car ads) or responsive ads (which again, I assume are probably generic). But if the ads were 'chosen' with the same care as the content, I doubt they'd be seen as ads at all."

"Keep up the good work! I don't think ads would detract from what you are doing online—I think people realize that bills have to get paid."

"What I like about the magazine/blog is that the focus isn't on consuming, so if ads are going to make an appearance it would be great if they were consistent with the small and creative vibe."


UPPERCASE has always been about making, doing, participating, creating community... so we will endeavour to include advertisers who suit that outlook. I hope that many of our talented and savvy readers will decide to advertise on the blog—it would be the ideal way to connect with an engaged and interested audience.

The affiliate links included are of services or sites that I use in creating UPPERCASE and/or support creative entrepreneurship and the UPPERCASE community in some way.

Thank you.