the allure of SURTEX

SURTEX from above. Taken by  Shelly Brown .

SURTEX from above. Taken by Shelly Brown.

SURTEX is an annual event where where artists, agents and licensors connect with manufacturers and retailers to create many of the beautiful products we use each day. Janine recently explained the allure of SURTEX over on their blog. 

"UPPERCASE is a quarterly magazine for the creative and curious with content inspired by design, illustration and craft. As publisher, editor and designer of this independent magazine, I am always searching for content ideas and new talent to feature within our pages and on the blog. Despite never having attended show in person, SURTEX has been a valuable event in showcasing great talent. Every year, as "SURTEX season" approaches, there is a flurry of activity online as bloggers and artists share forthcoming work and their display preparations. Through these posts, I feel like I experience a bit of SURTEX vicariously.

Indeed, SURTEX reaches mythical status among aspiring surface designers and illustrators. I asked the participants featured in Work/Life 3 —UPPERCASE's latest book featuring 100 illustrators from around the world—about their perceptions of SURTEX."

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