type tuesday: Danthonia Designs

Danthonia Designs is a sign company in Australia with a specialization in hand-carved signs. The prolific company ships signs around the world noting on their blog that they "ship over 100 signs per month to the USA and other international destinations." The company had an interesting beginning: "Thirteen years ago, a small group of enterprising sign-makers from the United States noticed that tourism marketing was a growing industry in Australia. They saw an opportunity to meet the new demand for place-branding signage, and set up shop in an un-used woolshed near Inverell, NSW."

Danthonia takes a traditional approach to physically making signs, but have also created an online Sign Designer. "At Danthonia old and young work together in an environment where traditional work values and hand-skills are passed on to the next generation. We share our responsibilities in such a way that every worker takes ownership and pride in keeping our quality high and our customers happy."

They've released a series of videos explaining the sign carving process. You can watch each edition on YouTube.