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We asked UPPERCASE subscribers why they love the magazine and how it inspires them:

I love my UPPERCASE subscription because it invites me to spy on the secret creative lives of visual artists and designers. I'm an author, and I'm fascinated by the way visual artists work! UPPERCASE connects me to the magic of creativity in a way that no other magazine can—and this creative spark motivates me. It inspires me to write.

Sarah Selecky, subscriber

I love UPPERCASE because I'm bombarded with unsightly billboards, packaging and mail on a daily basis.  When UPPERCASE arrives I get a booster of lovely design and calm, positive yet thoughtful content.  

karamae.com, subscriber


UPPERCASE speaks my typographic languageIt loves letterforms as much as I do. It celebrates inspiration, beautiful work spaces and smart design. All with a great sense of humor  :  )

— Michelle Shain, subscriber

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