all over sequins


Nadia Albertini is an embroidery and textile designer and educator, based in Paris. She 
has collaborated with fashion houses such as Chloé and Chanel, creating hand embroidery designs for ready to wear and haute couture. In her new online shop, All Over Sequins, she's taking the high-end techniques and presenting them in easy-to-achieve embroidery kits. Starting with embellished canvas totes, stitchers can practice some basic embroidery and embellishing techniques. She also has a variety of sequins and cabochons supplies for those who want to experiment.


In her press kit, Nadia shares a bit about her background and techniques:

How and why did you become an embroidery designer?

I’ve always loved to make things with my hands. And I have always loved beads and pearls. I remember I had my own little jewelry line when I was 15 and I used to sell my necklaces to my friends’ moms. I initially wanted to be an accessories designer but I had a sort of epiphany during my first day at Chloé: I realized I loved embroidery. Later, I got offered the job and it all snowballed from there. Since becoming an independent embroidery designer in 2008, I have been able to collaborate with great brands, creating amazing pieces with some of the most talented ateliers in the world.

What makes you different?

I grew up in Mexico city, in a very creative and inspiring environment, speaking three languages and taught to be very open and curious. I love to travel and to experience other cultures so that has helped a lot for my work. I’m a very hands-on person, I like to make things myself to understand how they work. What I know of embroidery, I’ve learned from my grand mother but also through trial and error.

What is your creative process when working on an assignment?

I’ve known some of the designers I work with for a long time now, we understand each other by just sharing images and sketches. That creative dialogue is extremely important. I need to understand what they have in mind, what the inspiration is but also if there are any production or budget issues. The fabric selection and the color palette give me hints of the direction to follow. I start doing research in 2 or 3 libraries and online. After the research I print my research material and then build mood boards, by pinning things on my studio walls. I start drawing and looking for materials, taking pictures of them. I collage a lot and I love the Xerox machine, I use it to create the first 
versions of placements. It’s an organic, intuitive process.

Visit the All Over Sequins blog for tutorials and a bit about the history of sequins and embellishment.