Issue #20 trailer

Issue 20 marks 5 years of UPPERCASE magazine! This is an amazing feat considering that we are a small publication with little or no print advertising, fully supported by our readers and subscribers. With your support, we look forward to many more creative years ahead. Thank you.

The main theme throughout this issue is “broadcasting”. My broad interpretation of this term includes the sharing of ideas graphically and publicly through posters, social media and public art and also encompasses amateur radio, graphic novels and collecting vintage advertising posters. To round out the issue, haberdashery, hat-making and a love of sewing notions is a pretty and crafty thread of content throughout.

Thank you for your subscriptions.

Credits by order of appearance
(click over to Vimeo for links within the video):

0:04 Garbage Beauty photographed by Christian Blais
0:21 Yarn-bombing by Magda Sayeg
0:28 Magda and her family photographed by Adrienne Breaux
0:32 The Creative Manifesto by Mr. Cup (Fabien Barral)
0:33 Craft Manifesto by Aardvark On Sea (Pea Crabtree and Lesley Greening Lassoff)
0:36 Kill Your TV Manifesto by Aardvark On Sea (Pea Crabtree and Lesley Greening Lassoff)
0:39 Hats by Leon Drexler (Stephen Temkin) photographed by Becca Gilgan
0:58 Austin Kleon photographed by Adrienne Breaux
1:01 Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon
1:08 Hiné Mizushima
1:11 Art by Hiné Mizushima
1:12 Illustration by Macrina Busato
1:14 Photo by Donna Hopkins
1:16 Collage by Shelley Davies
1:19 Collage by Felicia Dadak
1:21 Wayward Haberdashery photographed by Jas Tang
1:24 Photo by Suzanna Scott
1:26 Illustrations by Felicia Dadak
1:30 Illustration by Laura Burroni
1:36 L'Affichiste photographed by Christian Blais
1:47 Karen Etingin, L'Affichiste
1:55 Ham Radio Card Collection by Julia Trigg
2:30 Cover Illustration by Jason Munn

Music by -Mux- (iStockPhoto)