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We asked UPPERCASE subscribers why they love the magazine:

Having a subscription to UPPERCASE is like taking a mini-vacation four times a year. There are so many creative projects and people in every issue, and I always come away feeling inspired and learning about something or someone that I never knew existed. 
Melanie Biehle, subscriber

So much inspiration gorgeously presented in one quality magazine. I love that UPPERCASE uncovers talented people across such a broad range of fields and from all parts of the globe, it's truly international and truly inspiring! 

My next favourite thing about UPPERCASE is the way the magazine is centred around a community. As a subscriber there are all kinds of opportunities to participate in the UPPERCASE world. You really feel that your support for and involvement in the UPPERCASE world is worthwhile.

Emily Orpin, subscriber


I'm proud of UPPERCASE. Not only is it a Canadian publication that supports individual curiosity, it also focuses on type, textiles, drawing, writing, historic traditions, and quality design—things I like—and all with good taste, humour and beauty. I treasure my copies. I love how they feel. I love how they look. They are worthy of all the re-reads that I do. Now that I have a subscription, I feel I'm part of a greater community

Louise Phillips, subscriber



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