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We asked UPPERCASE subscribers why they love the magazine and how it inspires them:

UPPERCASE makes me happy and inspired. UPPERCASE throws a new light on design & art and makes exciting investigations about art, illustration, typography, form & material. I appreciate & treasure every single issue and always long for the next one!

— Suzanne in Stockholm, subscriber

'How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...'

  1. The excitement of my new issue hitting the doormat, ripping off the plastic packaging and the first sniff.
  2. On opening racing through it to see what lies in store.
  3. Getting a big mug of hot chocolate to read more slowly and leisurely.
  4. Reading on days when I am feeling uninspired, demotivated and spirits are down, my UPPERCASE mags give me a lift and nudges me back into my studio.
  5. There is ALWAYS something inspiring between the covers.
  6. Feeling part of a community.
  7. It's pretty.
  8. The discovery of new artists and creatives.
  9. Learning things I didn't know.
  10. UPPERCASE magazines have gone with me to hospital and have got me through some difficult times.

Lorrie Whittington, subscriber

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