dottie angel: a wonderful book, a wonderful experience


It's a bittersweet moment when a book is about to go "out of print"... I am happy when a book does well enough to sell all of its copies, but sad that I don't have a wonderful stash of these beautiful books available in perpetuity. As a small publisher, I don't have the funds to keep reprinting a book or a magazine once it sells out. By the time the inventory reaches this level, it is a few years on and the lower demand for the book doesn't justify the expense of reprinting. In the case of Dottie Angel, there were so many hand details, that it really was a once-in-a-lifetime project.


The Suitcase Series, Volume 2: Dottie Angel is all about the wonderfully crafty and quaint Tif Fussell. The production values of the book are beautiful — a textural cover evocative of fabric with a tipped-on postcard with sewing-machine-stitched detail (sewn by my industrious mother!) and a fabric label glued on the back cover. Inside, there's a glassine envelope of various hand-assembled goodies.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tif and visiting her and her clan a few times in Seattle. I think the love and dedication we had for this project definitely shows in the final books.

Posted fondly below are the various videos I made in relation to the Dottie Angel book.

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I am happy to say that this book has been translated into Japanese (see below) and will be also released in the Chinese language next year! 


Purchase one of the last available copies of Dottie Angel right here.

Thank you!!!