Founded by two Vancouver-based photographers, Tamar Haytayan and Cherish Bryck, Sparkfly is a series of gatherings promoting creative development: 

"We create curated events for women by women to share, inspire, create and connect. We do this by having two to three presenters talk about their creative journey (according to the theme of the evening) and interact with the participants/audience through activities or just a simple Q&A time. We usually begin the evening by sharing something creative we have done in the past 2 weeks and then pass this on to the audience. We are encouraging community building amongst women and allowing them the time to take part in the creative process even if they do not share in their own words. It might plant a seed that will ripple into effect a while later. Our evenings are hosted at Little Nest which in itself is a fantastic space for such an event."

Register for the next gathering, to be held on February 21, over here.