let's get Belinda from Australia to Sweden!


Le's all help Belinda Kemp (she's in Australia) get to Camilla Engman's Art Camp (she's in Sweden) this May. Belinda, whom many of you might know online as Gretchenmist, is a talented artist and surface designer. She has made it through a rough year and is looking forward to a creative retreat. She has launched a crowd funding campaign to assist in the costs of this journey. Belinda writes:

"Some of you may know that 2012 was a particularly difficult year for me {in a nutshell: long treatment for breast cancer and separation from my husband, who left half way through the year of treatment} and I'm pretty keen to put all of that behind me and make some life changes and new beginnings. So I'm off to Goteborg, Sweden to attend the Camilla Engman Art Camp in May 2013. This Art Camp has given me a positive goal to work towards and focus on throughout my treatment and the time has now come for me to undertake the journey."

Read more and make a pledge over here. The images above are available from Belinda's Etsy shop.

Wish you could go on your own visit to Camilla's part of the world? The Suitcase Series: Camilla Engman is monograph about Camilla's artwork, creative inspiration and lifestyle that we published a few years ago. Belinda features it throughout her video. Available in our shop!