Type Tuesday: Engraving for Nerds


In our forthcoming issue we have an excellent article written by Nikki Sheppy about stationer and engraver Nancy Sharon Collins. Nancy is the author of an amazing book, The Complete Engraver, which I highly recommend. I purchased her book last November and was inspired by its content, which led to UPPERCASE contacting Nancy for a feature article in our stationery issue.

Nancy is in the midst of her second Kickstarter campaign, to bring her popular "Engraving for Nerds" book tour to the West Coast of the US. "Engraving, and other slow printing processes, have become satisfying antidotes to tippity-typing on tiny little screens and impersonal computers day after day. In the manner of letterpress and silk screen printing, linoleum and wood cutting—each of which takes loads of love, time, and oodles of patient attention—engraving is scrumptious to look at, enriching to hold, and (best of all) enlightening to make and to use."

Help support her campaign to cover the tour costs and you could receive rewards from various levels:

  • Jessica Hische's new font, Minot (the San Francisco presentation is held in Jessica's studio!)
  • Be a member of the VIP team for the engraving day at the International Printing History Museum in Carson, CA
  • Beta test and be the first 5 to get the new engraving app being developed
  • Get the first-ever engraving app Sharon is developing
  • Your own engraved, custom monogram notes

Head on over to Kickstarter for more details.