can you smell it?

varnish can web.jpg

UPPERCASE issue #17 is printed! The covers were printed and left to dry and then run through the press two additional times to apply coats of the scented varnish for our scratch and sniff cover. It will dry a bit more before it is all in the bindery early next week.

Chris Young sent me these shots of the magazine on the press room floor this afternoon. Apparently when the job was running yesterday the cherry scent wafted through the entire plant—everyone knew that the UPPERCASE job was under way. People at reception were wiggling their noses wondering what was going on. You can imagine that applying a cherry varnish to 10,000 magazines could be a stinky business!

Since Prolific Graphics is in Winnipeg and I'm here in Calgary, I can't often make it to the press check. Thank you to Chris and all the excellent people working at Prolific for taking on this experiment and making it work: you were my eyes AND nose on this one!

(For those of you with sensitive noses, rest assured that once the varnish is dry you can only smell the effect by scratching the varnished area.)

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