Photos: Kept Casual

Photos: Kept Casual

Over the weekend we were proud to support MoxieCon in Chicago by providing complimentary magazines to attendees. This one-day event was a crash course on the business side of design and technology. Workshops covered topics such as self promotion, how to market your ideas as well as dealing with legal issues. We sent Stationery Guide participants Nina from Tweedle Press, Tiffany and Mary of Kept Casual and Jamie from a. favorite design who all report that the event was very inspiring. 

Kept Casual’s TOP 10 List of the Most Noteworthy Observations and Moments from Our Inspiring Experience at MoxieCon:

10. Lots of prints, patterns and cool eye wear all around us. Designers are so chic.

9. Cool bag of swag, including a back issue of UPPERCASE Magazine and a bundle of Field Notes!

8. From Susan Betteridge—tell a story when presenting your work. Don’t undersell the journey you took to get to your idea.

7. Lawyer up!

6. Jen Myers talked about Girl Develop It, a meetup community of women that offers classes and resources to women interested in learning how to code. Sign us up!

5. Read autobiographies of really successful people. 

4. From Mare Swallows —“Inspire confidence [in yourself and your work] from the start.” And, “Create a web presence, and keep up with it.”

3. Elle Luna advised, “Know the difference between the work that you can do and the work that you must do. What do you burn for?” 

2. Favourite piece of advice from Lisa Congdon—“Be communal. Surround yourself with good people. Don’t bother with the jerks.”

1. Hands down best thing said all day came from Ann Friedman, “You’re doing something right if you have haters.” Amen.