Dear Friends of UPPERCASE

It has been a tough few days here in Calgary. The city was inunundated with an unprecedented flood, resulting in the evacuation of numerous communities, the closure of downtown and incredible damage. It is an event that no one could have imagined, but I have to say that the city is handling it very well. We are all grateful that we are dealing with damages to property and infrastructure and not loss of life.

Erin, Jocelyn and I each had to evacuate our homes on Thursday. Fortunately, Erin and Jocelyn are back at home. I'm still waiting for my street to be cleared from the "red zone". We have some water in the basement, but considering my house is just a block from the river, we are lucky. Our studio is downtown and inaccessible, but I understand that the Art Central building, where our current studio is located, is ok. It will likely be later in the week when we're allowed downtown.

I will be spending the next several days cleaning up and dealing with the aftermath. My neighbourhood was really hit hard and we want to chip in and help clean up and rebuild as best we can.  

UPPERCASE issue #18 is freshly printed and is in bindery at our trusty printer in Winnipeg. They will be able to ship it soon, so please subscribe now if you'd like to be on that mailing. The massive inventory clearout sale in preparation for our studio move is still on: back issues and some books are 50% off!

Please help us maintain business as usual and shop our online store and spread the world on your social media channels that the sale is on. I am relieved that so much of my business is online and "in the cloud" and that even in challenging times it keeps us going. UPPERCASE supports me, my husband and our 3-year-old son as well as two employees, so it is always my biggest worry to ensure that the business can weather whatever storm.

Thank you again for your concern and support.

Take care and be safe wherever you are,