typecase shadowboxes

Use this page file to print out if you don't want to cut up or glue your physical magazine.

In our current issue, we provided a page with an image of an empty typecase. Since this is our collage and assemblage-themed issue, we encourage you to glue and modify this page, take a picture or scan of it and send it to us!

Cornelis vanSpronsen shares the mementos that he and his wife have collected over the years. (Click to view the details.)

UPPERCASE subscriber Cornelis vanSpronsen writes: 

"I received my copy of UPPERCASE today and was immediately inspired to respond to the creative challenge on page 75. For many years my wife and I have collected special mementos that were both of great importance as well as those that were memorable for just a small moment in time. This is some of that collection. Going through these is like leafing through a photo album but only better because there are memories attached to these things that photos could never capture."

Emeli Reiart sent us this Instagram of a collection of sea shells:

@thebarnswallow on Instagram

@thebarnswallow on Instagram

More imagery on the The Typecase Shadow Boxes group on Flickr.