monday movies: invisible drawings: Grey Area

"Using homemade giant brushes and water as a medium, calligraphers practice their writing in the parks in Beijing. Inspired from this, Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA is part performance, part graffiti, and part social experiment.

Invisible Drawings: GREY AREA is a process-based, social experiment that aims to connect artistic practices across disciplines, nationalities and backgrounds within the fields of drawing and performance.

Using commonplace materials, public spaces and private spaces are utilized; the action of production becomes as important as the drawing itself. Spontaneity and improvisation are the methods of exploration in the creation of objects as well as ephemeral works."

"Over the course of ten days, we employed elementary materials such as industrial iron plates, rope, salt, chalk and charcoal,  and used the gallery space as pictorial surfaces through drawing and dance. Here patterns begin to emerge in terms of sound, observation, echo and erasure as well as gestural relationships. Through large-scale artworks, video and sound installation, fragments of performative gestures and live actions, we improvised mark-making and body movement. The public was invited to observe past and on-going performances; the realms of drawing and dancing became blurred."  

Thank you to Christine Cheung for submitting the link to her project site.