collage day special

I've always had a fondness for collage.  It's a democratizing form of illustration, yet it requires great skill to be really good at it. I had planned "collage" as a theme for an issue of UPPERCASE magazine for quite some time, but the topic is so large and there is so much inspiration that I didn't know how to handle it. A few years ago, with less experience as an editor, it was too challenging to tackle the topic. I'm glad I waited... I'm really proud of the current issue; it strikes the right balance between great written content and interesting articles and has just enough gallery pages that simply show off great collage work.

On the blog today, I'll share some more collage portfolios and content. And in honour of "collage day", I'd like to revisit The Elegant Cockroach—it is a hardcover storybook for sophisticated children and whimsical adults that I published in 2011. The story is written by Deidre Anne Martin and collage illustrations are by Stefanie Augustine. It tells the story of a lonely bachelor who eventually finds love in a bookstore. Deidre's words are poetic and precise while Stefanie's illustrations are playful and sophisticated. With the book design and typography, I balance the poetic and the playful by choosing a classic typeface and using the position, size and pacing of the words to enhance the mood of the story.

The Elegant Cockroach is available in our online shop at a special price today.  Use the code "collageday" for a surprise discount added upon checkout for orders over $50.