type tuesday: Chuck Seerey

6. Segmentation No. 10, 45_ x 45_, oil on canvas, 5_2013.jpg
1.Unchained # 4, 63_ x 53_, Oil on canvas, 7_2013.jpg

The Elliott Fouts Gallery emailed to share the work of Sacramento-based artist Chuck Seerey.

"I want my artwork to be visually intriguing and to contain enough ambiguity to cause a sense of mystery that evokes questions. I am fascinated with the making of paintings that explore movement, form and space within the picture plane. Patterns, textures, and forms are deconstructed and reconfigured to create new rhythmic patterns that repeat at regular and irregular intervals with a strong emphasis on texture and colour. I am interested in the process and craftsmanship of making artwork and like to emphasize surfaces that call to mind the past, that have accrued character through time, to instill in the painting a sense of realness."

17. November No. 13, 38_ x 32_, oil on canvas, 2011.JPG

To me, these oils on canvas suggest weathered roadside signage that has been cut and rearranged into mosaics. The letterforms are abstracted just enough to be admired strictly for their shapes rather than their meaning. 

Chuck's work is available through the gallery here