type tuesday: she choked on her words


We would like to congratulate UPPERCASE subscriber Eva Schroeder for being part of the Australian Craft Awards. In this inaugural event, online viewers can vote for projects created by Australian craftspeople. Eva describes the process: "Judging will be based on a three-tier process," Eva writes. "The number of online votes from the public, votes from the industry and a panel of professional judges. I was encouraged to apply based on one of my pieces of work. The award, although just a piece of paper, would mean that I could be taken seriously!" 

"In making this piece, I wanted to experiment with paper, both as a 3D sculptural media and a form of bodily decoration, as well as a way to play with words and their double meanings. With this combination in mind, I developed the 'Choker' out of paper, using predominantly geometric shapes, the printed word, a little wire and a few sparkling beads." 

"Each of the chosen words featured on the baubles begins with the letter 'C' and references the definition of the negative way that humans can speak to/and are spoken to in life. These methods of communication can lead to the subconscious stifling of the spirit and therefore the 'choking effect'."

Eva would love your support: please vote here