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The fall issue of UPPERCASE magazine is one to look forward to! As I put the finishing touches on the print files, I thought I'd share a tiny sampling of the wonderful images included in the forthcoming issue. (Did you know that each issue has on average 400 placed images?!)

While compiling and commissioning the content for fall, I was guided by two major themes: the aesthetics of work (office supplies, vintage offices, co-working, workspaces) and the sparkling beauty and pleasing geometry of rocks, gems, minerals and crystals.

As editor and designer, it is always exciting to see how themes that I began working with months ago finally come together in cohesive yet surprising ways. From the rugged beauty of Iceland as experienced by illustrator Lisa Congdon to the work fashion of Japanese aprons to sleek co-working studios in New York and London—this issue's geographic reach is vast. From startling realistic paintings of gems to the abstracted geometry of crystals—this issue's graphic styles are diverse. From collaborating with strangers to working in a generic cubicle to working with one's spouse—the perspectives on work are varied. This eclectic selection of content is what makes UPPERCASE magazine so unique!

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Paper illustration by Lydia Kasumi Shirreff: she created the artwork for our fall cover and I can't wait to share it

Amethyst painting by Carly Waito: yes, that's a painting!

Office letter submitted by Amy Freeborn: who says glitter isn't a standard office supply?