WL3: Lauren Venell


 Lauren Venell's illustration process is a bit different than most of the other illustrators featured in Work/Life 3. Her work is dimensional and rather than having a set style, she lets the demands of the assignment influence the medium of choice. This variety is interesting—this giant burrito, the wreath made of credit cards, or these meats made from fleece—but her work is consistently high quality and well-made. 

I was pretty excited when I came up with Lauren's assignment: 

THE ASSIGNMENT: Go to the hardware store, a grocery store or a flea market and select some objects to use in an assemblage or composition about you.

Pretty fun! I'd like to assign that to myself sometime (or perhaps as an open call for the magazine? to be determined...!)

With a baby on the way, family was on her mind. Lauren devised this family tree in which bent wires express the names of her relatives. The little red swing represents her soon-to-be-born child. Read Lauren's honest play-by-play of her Work/Life experience on her blog.