brad woodard, a man on the move

   Brad Woodard  's illustration for Work/Life 3. 

Brad Woodard's illustration for Work/Life 3. 

Brad Woodard is a man in motion. During the interview phase for Work/Life 3, I asked him how being an illustrator affected his personal life. "My creative mind never takes a break," he answered. "It is a problem. As a result, I tend to move a lot. And the places I like to move to are generally beautiful. Hence my living in the Seattle, Philippines, Newport Beach, California, and Boston." He can now add Austin, Texas to that long list—Brad and his young family just made the move to a new state. This transition also marks Brad's decision to leave a steady job and delve full time into his illustration and design business, Brave the Woods.

wl3-woodard spread.png

When I asked Brad what his dream assignment was, he replied, "To illustrate a children's science book. That or illustrate the side of a U-Haul truck." Seeing this moving trend in Brad's life coupled with his belief that the best thing about being an illustrator is that “you have the chance to interpret the world around you and visualize it how you see it.”, I wrote the following assignment for Brad:

Illustrate an idealized road-trip of your life, and/or depict your life as the graphics on the side of a U-Haul trailer.

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