the talented ms. balsley

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You may remember when we told you about Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search. We're happy to provide an update today—Emily Balsley is a finalist! She's one of six finalists in this contest which had over 1500 entrants from 30 countries. Emily is over the moon and so are we! 

"As my shaky doodle above shows, I went through a LOT of emotions when I found out the results—I was stunned; I wept; I couldn't stop talk-talk-talking about it; I paced a lot; I freaked out," exclaims Emily. "When I drew this, my hands were shaking so bad. But all of it was out of sheer excitement! I have to say - yesterday's productivity level was pretty low - it was so hard to focus!"

Emily's next task is to create a line of home decor and/or gift products. The winner will be announced on Thursday October 3. Good luck Emily!


Emily is also a participant in Work/Life 3.