Work/Life 3: Gabriela Larios' new fabric collection

Field of ladybugs fabric by Gabriela Larios.jpg
Field of flowers fabric by Gabriela Larios.jpg
Flowers grey back by Gabriela Larios.jpg
Ladybugs fabric by Gabriela Larios.jpg
Butterflies fabric by Gabriela Larios.jpg

UK-based illustrator Gabriela Larios has had her first fabric collection produced through Modern Yardage. "It is called Mochi and consists of eight different designs, available in two different sizes, medium and small and two different colour palettes: natural and deep blue," describes Gabriela. "The collection is inspired by my love for nature, imaginary worlds and childhood experiences. The Mochi name itself is inspired by the way my parents called me when I was little ('Mochis')."

Gabriela is understandably excited about the launch of the project, though it is bittersweet. "With all my heart I have dedicated this collection to my mother who unfortunately passed away recently but who thankfully managed to see the whole project finished."

Mochi Collection by Gabriela Larios2.jpg

The collection also includes a special touch of fabric gift tags: "It is an extra special piece of fabric that is included with every purchase of Mochi fabric so people can cut them out and use them to wrap up their presents."

Mochi Collection by Gabriela Larios3b.jpg

Congratulations to Gabriela on a fine entry into fabric design!