Work/Life 3: book trailer

The latest book from UPPERCASE is freshly printed and ready to ship! Hooray! 

It is Labour Day, so what better day to celebrate a book that is all about the love of work? Work/Life 3 explores the illustrator's life and what it takes to stay creative 24/7.

With the third edition of Work/Life, we are pushing the personal nature of of the series to a new level. This edition's theme is "An Illustrated Life". Each participant offers their unique take on this theme and have created an original illustration based on a bespoke assignment specific to their interests and story that I created after an extensive questionnaire and portfolio review.

Additional imagery (sketchbook pages, studio shots, inspirational objects) are integral to each participant’s spread, allowing the reader to take a peek into their entire work/life. Cover illustration by Jeff Rogers. Artists featured in the video trailer in order of appearance: Michael Byers, Ilichna Morasky, Emmi Jormalainen, Helen Dardik, Oana Befort, Karolin Schnoor and Emily Balsley. See the full list of our 100 participants on the project page.