Makeshift Brooklyn

UPPERCASE is very fortunate to have Rena Tom as our regular business columnist. Rena's words of wisdom assist and encourage creatives whether they're just starting out or have been entrepreneurs for a while. I certainly learn a lot from reading Rena's columns (she posts past columns on her site) and from following her blog

Rena and partners are venturing from San Francisco to Brooklyn to launch a second location for the Makeshift Society. It is an ambitious space and they're aiming to kickstart a portion of the funds to support this coworking endeavour.

Rena's forthcoming business column goes into greater detail about the trend in coworking, based on her experience on the San Francisco Makeshift location that just celebrated its year anniversary.  Read more in issue #19, out very soon.

p.s. I just read on their blog that Makeshift is hosting Work/Life 3 illustrator Cleo Papanikolas tonight for a workshop. Contact Makeshift for details