Get Lucky

The 'Robots' owned the Grammy awards last with Daft Punk winning 5 awards for Random Access Memories. The French duo is truly invested in their robotic appearance, cultivating a sort of famed anonymity. My brother, Marc VanGool, is also someone who likes to remain behind the scenes and under the radar, but I'd like to congratulate him for his part in getting Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams' "Get Lucky" track to Album of the Year and Best Performance by a Duo/Group. 

Marc built the transparent guitar and bass featured in the "Get Lucky" video and some photo shoots. They not only look cool, but they are solid, good-sounding instruments. Marc is a true perfectionist and cares about the details. He was also part of the Daft Punk arts crew, working on audio equipment leading up to the event and technical details and electronics for the Grammy performance. Congratulations, Marc!