Reworks Recycling Challenge: Catalogues

Thank you to everyone who entered Rework's Recycling Challenge: Denim. Solita has selected these earrings by Trashn2Tees as her favourite submission.

"These earrings are made from tiny denim shards are cut into 2x2 cm squares and placed by hand onto ear wires to create these stunning and light weight earrings. Trashn2Tees has diverted more than 476,000 pounds of clothing with our designs and established nationwide clothing recycling drop offs across the United States."

The next challenge:


With the holidays coming, we always seem to end up with a lot of catalogues. We might flip through the catalogues a few times but eventually they end up in our recycling bins within a pretty short time frame. Let's see how creative we can get by recycling these catalogues into something useful or beautiful. Here a few ideas from Pinterest to get those creative ideas flowing.

To enter the challenge, please email good quality digital photographs of your creation (800 pixels wide at 72 dpi) to Entries must be submitted on or before January 30th to qualify for the challenge. Entries must also include your name, contact information and a brief description of your creation. If you have any questions about this challenge, please direct them to Solita at the email listed above. UPPERCASE is not involved in the administration or adjudication of this challenge.

Solita and Reworks has a Kickstarter campaign on now to create a maker space within their shop which is in the heart of Calgary's Inglewood community:

We are carving out the back third of our shop to provide a maker space to supplement our artists' existing home studios. The space will be available for makers to meet, share ideas, and develop in a common space. They will have access to higher end tools such as a Janome serger, air compressor, and upholstery stapler that are often beyond the means of a single individual, but which become so useful in the hands of many people in the right environment.