Grateful for the challenges

Dear Reader,

Thank you.

Thank you for including UPPERCASE in your life. I'm fortunate to be able to publish the magazine and follow my creative dreams. If you receive my weekly newsletter, it has been a privilege to email you each week and I hope that you have found my messages useful, informative, personal and inspiring. 

It's hard to sum up this past year. In 2014, I experienced the very lowest points I've ever had since my entrepreneurial life began. Letting go of all three of my employees over the first six months, having my bookkeeper go missing in action right before tax time... there are lots of things I'd rather forget about this year.

But then again, those painful decisions and hardships led me here. On the other side.

In fact, the experience has been invaluable. 

I'm so grateful for all my contributors, readers, subscribers, stockists, advertisers and social media advocates. Thank you for your talent, generosity and kindness.

Thank you to my husband Glen and my son Finley. 

With all of you, I never feel like I'm in this on my own.


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